Libertador Parrilla Argentina | 1725 2nd Ave. (on 89th St.) | 212.348.6222 |

DOING PHUDE HAS not just given me the opportunity to explore other parts of this great city that aren't on the routes of my usual excursions, but also gives me the chance to discover the increasingly diverse dining options in my own neighborhood.

So was the case when I decided I wasn't in the mood to travel all the way to the Lower West Side for a $15 sandwich of uni and olive oil, and randomly decided to finally check out a Latin-themed steakhouse on 89th & 2nd called Libertador Parilla Argetina, walking in and, from my table, appreciating the layout and decor, from the bar to my left, the ceilings postered with Argentinian newspapers, and the grill on my right, which would eventually produce my meal.

The tables were invitingly set, and the chalkboard by the grill appetizingly displayed the meat menu.

My decision to eat here was predicated on the discovery that they actually served sweetbreads (Google it!) or mollejas, a dish I had yet eaten, but figured I should enjoy since I am a fan of most offal (endearingly called, "the nasty bits"), such as liver, tripe, and, chitlins. After the warm bread and deep, rich, tasty olive oil, my order was grilled with lemon, cilantro, and just a hint of seasoning.

These were tasty, with a texture and firmness between cooked liver and cooked kidney, with more beef flavor and less "minerality". The slightly burnt edges provided extra flavor and a little crunch, while side of mashed potatoes, which lacked from any seasoning, needed the help of a drizzle of the olive oil (a fine fix I will employ in the future if so necessary).

As I am a fan of short ribs (tira de asado), I ordered them as my entrée, medium, choosing the side of french fries Provençal.

It was a very tasty and juicy cut of meat, nicely seasoned, slicing tenderly, and perfectly grizzled on its edges. A house-made chimichurri sauce brightened each feral and earthy bite with fresh herbal notes and peppery highlights.

The portions of both dishes were to big to finish, and the very friendly and sweet staff quickly packed my leftovers into a handled paper bag. I was back in my apartment within 45 minutes after I had left it, happy from the short commute to a sweet restaurant that grills great short ribs and wonderful sweetbreads.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Libertador Parrilla Argentina | 1725 2nd Ave. (on 89th St.) | 212.348.6222 |