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ON OUR WAY back from just having cheeseburgers at JG Melon, Katie and I were walking up 3rd Avenue and happened across some brand new shop with a girl outside handing out free samples of something that, according to Katie, looked and tasted like frozen yogurt. The place was called Simply Peeled, and was hawking and distributing something called Fruizo™, a frozen soft serve made from just real fresh fruit, filtered water, and organic cane sugar. As they tout on their menu, consisting only of those three ingredients makes the Fruizo "free of fat, sodium, cholesterol glutens, all 8 major allergens ... low in calories ... 100% natural and vegetarian".

Great, except for the fact that, just like Tasti-Delite with their chocolate chips, or Pinkberry with their Cap'n Crunch, Simply Peeled displays a great variety of toppings—among some healthy—many that would nullify any even remotely beneficial, health-wise, as I discovered when I visited earlier this afternoon. Yes, chocolate chips, and a variety of cereals, (is that Multi-Grain Cheerios?), plus the usual suspects of raisins, coconut flakes, dried fruit, granola, and nuts.

What did stand out—to me at least—was their options for savory toppings, including pretzels, tortilla chips, and, yes, wasabi pies! I decided to get a medium cup of the strawberry Fruizo (their other default flavors being banana and mango), and topped it with the wasabi peas, some pretzels, and some sliced almonds, which were a wonderful contrast flavor- and texture-wise to the robust sweetness of the strawberry in the icy, creamy-without-dairy, flavor Fruizo.

Next time, mango with blueberries, Cheerios, and salsa...!

Bun Apple Tea!


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Simply Peeled | 1371 3rd Ave. (at 78th St.) | 212.794.2200 | | |