Curried Deviled Eggs

I BARTEND ON THE WEEKENDS. At least on Saturday. And I bartend at a restaurant that pretty much supplies me my meals for the rest of the weekend. So I don't wind up doing that much cooking. Which is why Fridays—or Saturday mornings—are kind of "clearing" days.

As it was this morning discovering that I had a just few eggs left in the carton, and a mostly empty bottle of spicy brown mustard. So I decided to make some deviled eggs, submersing the last three—yes, three!—eggs in a water-filled pot and setting that to boil.

But as it was a gloomy, overcast, and chilly day, I decided I would spice them up a little. Usually I do that by just adding some tabasco, but I decided to take the extra step. I diluted some hot Madras powder and red curry powder in a little cider vinegar. I then stirred in some spicy brown mustard, sour cream, salt, pepper, a dash of lemon juice, and, eventually, the set yolks of the boiled eggs, using a spatula to smooth the lumps out of the mixture.

I "rustically" spooned the mixture into and onto the halved boiled egg whites, topping them with a sprinkle of paprika and a dollop of the last of my small jar of black lumpfish caviar.

Bun Apple Tea!


Curried Deviled Eggs