Spicy Asian-Style Wings

MY PALATE IS PRETTY EASY to please. And my prowess as a cook—I am a chef only in ideas, not skill—has afforded me a greater variety of self-made cuisines than most.

So the only time I really get bothered, while on one of my PHUDE excursions, is when I get served (heavily hyped) restaurant that falls far short of not only restaurant standards, but my own capabilities. Especially when being charged and arm and a leg....

...For a wing! Several weeks ago I had such an experience at place called KyoChon Chicken, a place whose decor is far more exciting than its menu. And a place that served the supposedly popular Korean-style chicken wings, that were double-fried and/or double-basted or whatever. As I averred in a previous post, the $18 regular order of 15 wings were far short of expectations (as they were also summarily poorly reviewed by most other critics and bloggers) as I defended that I could make far better wings myself.

And so I backed up that claim by first deep-frying some wing sections until they were well done, about 15 minutes.

As they fried, I heated a sauce of sriracha sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic powder, honey, chili powder, chili oil, sesame oil, and butter in a deep skillet, into which the wings—that had come out of the fryer and dried on some paper towels—got thrown into and tossed until fully coated. They finally get a decorative sprinkle of sesame seeds and, voila...!

Yes! Sticky, spicy and sweet, and boasting layers of flavor, short of not having the condiments, anyone can make really tasty Asian-style wings. And the package on 12 wings only cost 5 bucks...!

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Spicy Asian-Style Wings