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ALREADY FORTUNATE ENOUGH to share a couple drinks (and a couple more) with long-time very good friends, Colin and Sandra, one night recently, I was doubly excited to receive a phone call from them—only moments after we had parted ways—inviting me to join them for dinner at Upper East Side storied and staple (Northern) Italian restaurant, Elio's.

And although I was already in my flannel penguin-themed PJ bottoms and Jagermeister t-shirt, I remembered it had been a couple of years since I had last enjoyed a great meal there (or at least since I could afford one).

So I jumped back into my khakis, button-down, and blazer, and met them just in time for our starter salads.

Elio's House Salad

Colin had already order his veal piccata, and Sandra her spaghetti pomodoro; it not being either Wednesday (spaghetti & meatball night) or Sunday (lasagna night), I decided to stay with their beautifully made marinara and have the veal parmesan, my first veal at Elio's.

Elio's Dinner

Elio's Spaghetti Pomodoro

Elio's Veal

Elio's Veal Parmesan

Elio's Veal Parmesan

I had forgotten how the rest of the city—the world—kind of falls away when I'm at Elio's. The dishes were simple yet expertly executed, channelling many layers of "home cooking comfort". My veal was so tender that my butter knife sliced straight through it in one motion. Making the whole event more "heady" was, of course, the great and lively company and conversation with two dear friends I've know half my life, as well as the several bottles of grape—and shots of grappa and 18-year old McCallan's—that are extremely friendly and thorough servers (Joe Pepe, and Brian) accommodated us with.

Elio's Drinks

I've always loved places that take me out of the rest of my world, even if it's for just a few hours. Elio's, a place of friends to be enjoyed with friends, has always been one of those places. And as much so on this evening, where I became so blissfully incubated that I didn't even notice that this picture I last took, to capture event of the night's reverie, was not completely in focus. Apropos enough, dinenr at Elio's goes beyond the details.

Elio's Front Tables

Bun Apple Tea!


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Elio's | 1621 2nd Ave. (Bet. 83nd & 84rd Sts.) | 212.772.2242 | on MenuPages