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[Update to original Luke's Is On A Roll]


I USUALLY ONLY post when I have pictures of actual food to include within the post. But I am making an exemption in this particular case to inform you readers about the opening of the second outpost of one of my favorite new restaurants in all of New York City, Luke's Lobster.

I usually try to not "play favorites" to keep my reviews and opinions fair and objective. And I'm often asked why I don't do more "news"-like articles to round out the site's content with some filler (and the answer is because PHUDE is a photo blog—about food—and not a food blog with pictures; and this post should really be a page).

But the opening of this second Luke's Lobster is of special note not only because it is such a blessing to have the best lobster roll I've ever had (and I spent 7 years in a row summer camping in Maine!), but also signifies—as an addition to the likewise excellent Mexican restaurant, Cascabel—a food renaissance of sorts for the Yorkville, a neighborhood that desperately needs one.

Save a few gems, dining in his area was serviceable at best, offering a paucity of variety in types of cuisine and too many inconsistent purveyors if each. I was getting tired of having to travel down to the Lower East Side/East Vilalge for authentic dishes of arepas, currywurst, Italian roast pork, artisinal pizza, a decent plate of meatballs, and, yes, a yummy lobster roll.

So, yes, I'm excited, and want my Yorville neighbors to get excited too. And as I was running local errands today, I happened to bump into Luke Holden of Luke's Lobster as I was trying to get a look inside the place. He kindly let me in to get some sneak peek pictures, of which here are a few.

And to further tempt you, here is a photo I took of my very first LL lobster roll I had back in March....

Bun Apple Tea!


Luke's Lobster (UES) | 242 East 81st St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.) | 212.249.4241 | | |