Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak Pub Tacos
SOMETIMES GOOD INTENTIONS BACKFIRE. CASE in point, one of the most anticipated items coming up our the new Spring/Summer menu at Dorrian's Red Hand Restaurant.

As with all of the Specialty Burgers on the Dorrian's (including the new Blue Mountain Burger), this particular new item is the product of my culinary imagination,in no small way influenced by my love of the excellent tacos I've been enjoying from nearby Cascabel Taqueria.

So, with trying to fill out the Appetizer section, I was trying to figure out another way for us to use the kitchen's shrimp, which have been selling very well in Peel 'n' Eat presentation (if we can sell it, we can buy more in quantity for a lesser price). I thought a blackened shrimp prep would be nice for the warmer weather, cutting the spice with a cooling sour cream based sauce and brightening it with some citrus.

And since we were trying to come up with more ways for customers to share apps (sometimes their not in the mood to each have a burger with fries), "tacos" popped into my head and out of my mouth. At least I could be secure enough in defending that no one else in the neighborhood had blackened shrimp tacos, absolving us of being remotely guilty of "stepping on anyone's toes".

Alas, the practicality, the chef argued, of Peel & Eat shrimp is that it presents less prep for the kitchen—no peeling by the sous chef—so he decided to scrap using shrimp, and instead use already "prep"-able—and "spice"-able on the fly—grilled chicken and/or steak, and has made an admittedly delightful and tasty version of what we will be calling Pub Tacos.

Now, I'm in a pickle! If you ask me, now, where to go on the Upper East Side to get a great taco, I'll probably just pretend to get a phone call on my cell, excuse myself, and disappear...! ;)

Bun Apple Tea!


Grilled Chicken or Grilled Steak Pub Tacos