Red Velvet Pancakes | Raspberry-Lemon Syrup
I WAS HAVING A CRAPPY WEEK. And when I have a crappy week, I usually try to entertain myself therapeutically with a fun night of drinking with friends, or cooking myself something with extreme childhood nostalgia.

Since a night of drinking, at my age, is usually followed by a full day of feeling crappy—hindering me from doing much of my freelance work, making me finish client work later and making the clients—who actually pay!—pay even later then scheduled.

So, waking up sober but in need of culinary childhood reversion, I put some cocoa powder and a bit of chocolate syrup into some pancake batter with several drops of red food coloring, and gave that a thorough stirring. I poured small ladlefuls of batter into a buttered and preheated large skillet, and cooked as I would regular pancakes.

I then diluted some raspberry preserves in water, lemon juice, and butter, bringing that to a simmer for a few minutes to re-reduce, then took it off the heat to cool a little.

I topped my Red Velvet Pancakes with the Raspberry-Lemon Syrup and some homemade whipped cream.

We went through these very quickly ("We...?!"—well, yes, I have a third remedy for a crappy week...); I had to take the pictures quickly since, one, without chilling, the whipped cream melted rather rapidly, and, two, "someone" didn't want to wait for me to finish taking pictures before diving in and chowing down.

And chow down we did—like kids—still in our sleepwear and watching, of all things, the previous evening's premiere episode of Season 2 of Top Chef Masters until about 8:30 a.m. or so when, finally adults again, we had honor our vocational responsibilities and go to work for yet another day....

Bun Apple Tea!


Red Velvet Pancakes | Raspberry-Lemon Syrup