Gingerbread Pancakes | Balsamic Raspberry & Lemon-Honey Syrup
So I had tossed some fresh raspberries in balsamic vinegar and brown sugar to chill, top with champagne-whipped cream and Graham cracker crumbs, and served as dessert for a recent dinner with my friend, Lauren.

We were, however, too full from the dinner itself to make room for it. Luckily, they became of great utility for some pancakes. So I stirred some ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon into some pancake batter, then strained the raspberries, and lightly puréed them with some honey and lemon juice, to use a drizzle.

The pancakes came out perfect; but one should never try to drizzle with a ladle (the syrup was a little too chunky still to get a good drizzle with just a spoon), as I accidentally administered an over-copious amount of the syrup atop the pancakes.

Scraping some of the syrup to the side as I ate seemed to do the trick, as my mouth then thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful!

Gingerbread Pancakes

Bun Apple Tea!


Gingerbread Pancakes | Balsamic Raspberry & Lemon-Honey Syrup