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TODAY IS MY birthday, so of course I was going to treat myself to a day of happy—if not fine—dining. One of the first of the "new guard" of the foodie renaissance of Manhattan's Lower East Side/East Village (along with Caracas Arepa Bar and Black Iron Burger) is the well-reviewed and well-received tiny gem of pork mecca known as Porchetta, single-mindedly serving slow-roasted, delicately-seasoned Italian pork (in platter or sandwich form) with a just a handful of sides.

A quick M15 trip down 2nd Avenue found me traveling east on 7th street early on an overcast afternoon, down tony streets to a modest but pretty storefront, which housed a simple yet homey interior, barely a full room, with seating for no more than 4 people, and standing room for maybe twice that.

With a place tis small, despite the decor, you can't help but to very quickly devote all of your attention to the very appetizing "shrine" of pork on display.

A quick scan of the menu keeps the dining options conveniently minimal.

Pork fan that I have always been, I ordered the Porchetta platter, with a side a greens and beans.

Pork's universal appeal has always been in its unique collection of a variety of taste properties. Salty in parts, fatty, chewy, crispy, sweet. juicy, tender, meaty, etc.; the porchetta I was enjoying exemplified all of these traits, and winningly so. Moist, delicate strips of aromatic pork were complimented by the candy-like crunch of the crackling, tastefully-seasoned skin with almost every bite. Savory garlic-dressed chicory greens and just firm cooked beans rounded out the already full-bodied meal.

I was full, but was curious enough about the potatoes with burnt ends that I had to order that side dish as well.

Boy, was I glad I did. Large, skin-on cubes of airy potatoes with crispy exteriors got an extra boost texturally from the intensified crunch, and pork flavor(s), of the burnt ends. I really didn't want to finish this whole dish, my stomach already at capacity, but my tongue and mouth couldn't stop.

This was a great start to a great birthday, and, if you can't tell be now (having finally posted this a year after I first wrote this post), a great start to this whole PHUDE-nyc blog!

Bun Apple Tea!


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Porchetta | 110 East 7th St. (bet. 1st and Ave. A) | 212.777.2161 | porchettanyc.com | |