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IT'S NOT LIKE A NEED a special occasion to stop by local baker Glaser's Bake Shop to pick up a tasty morsel—or several—when my sweet tooth strikes.

But NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY, which was this past Friday, is a calling that could hardly be ignored.

When I finally had time to yet again revisit—a staple of Yorkville for over 100 years!—they were down to their last few jelly doughnuts. (Seems many locals were well aware of the occasion of National Doughnut Day.) But as doughnuts have suffered/enjoyed the same creative iterations as almost every other comfort food and dessert, I was no less thrilled to still be able to purchase for consumption the inimitably delicious nostalgia of a simple strawberry-filled cake doughnut, made from scratch, from a generations-old recipe, and by a member of the family that has made this bakery and neighborhood favorite for all this time.

Walking into the place, I knew I wouldn't be able to walk out without picking up a few other scrumptious bites. I was tempted by the mini lemon meringue pies (as well as my favorite item of theirs, the traditional BLACK + WHITE COOKIE, I wound up walking out with some old school butter cookie wafers, a creation called a "Kitchen Sink" cookie (with dark and white chocolate, coconut, pretzels, and potato chips), strawberry and apricot linzer cookies, and a chocolate brownie with walnuts.

Two brothers currently run and operate the bakery, doing the majority of the baking (and responsible for all of the recipes). Herb Glaser (pronounced "GLAH-zer", not "GLAY"-zer, by the way) was on hand this visit, and is responsible for most of the wide variety of cookies; his brother more the cakes and pies. He speaks of his trade with extreme pride and heart.

There is a history of love and passion that has gone into their baked goods—and into the grateful mouths and bellies of their happy neighbors for decades—and it is always my pleasure to not just receive it, but to share it as well, as I did walking out of the shop to meet friends and have them gleefully indulge as well.

How apropos that baked desserts that make friends feel like family, come from one of the friendliest family-owned businesses in all of Yorkville.

See you again very soon, Glaser's!

Jelly Doughnuts

"Kitchen Sink" Cookie

Butter Wafer

Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

Herb Glaser

Linzer Cookies

Chocolate Brownie

Jelly Doughnut

Bun Apple Tea!


GLASER'S BAKE SHOP | 1670 1st Ave. (at 87th St.) | 212.289.2562 | | | | Glaser's Bake Shop on Urbanspoon