The Kerry Alaric CheeseBURGER | with Gruyere, Sharp Cheddar, Smoked Gouda Cheeses, and Sweet Bourbon-Buttered Onions | "Red" Red Potato Salad | Red Bliss Potato Salad with Red Onions, Red Pepper, Red Wine and Balsamic Vinegars, and Paprika

SO TODAY IS NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER Day, and I have to believe this is a relatively new development since I'm sure I wold have heard about it years previous. Ad not like I—or anyone—need any extra encourage to have a cheeseburger, but I did decide to mark the occasion with coming up with a special cheeseburger of my very own

And much like last year when I did diligent honor to National Grilled Cheese Month by featuring and showcasing as many different wonderful types of cheese as possible, I decided that my new namesake cheeseburger would be all about the cheese!

So after prepping some patties out of 80/20 ground chuck (seasoned with salt and fresh-cracked pepper), I grilled one in cast iron skillet—in clarified butter—to medium, then topped the patty with slices of smoked gouda, sharp cheddar, and gruyere...twice, then threw the whole skillet under the broiler to get a good melt.

In a separate small pan, I sautéed onion slices with bourbon, brown sugar, and butter (salt and pepper), until translucent and al dente, and spooned them under and over the cheesed patty, itself nicely seated in a rendered bacon fat-toasted kaiser roll.

After the first bite, I was proud to call this burger my own. (Although it is the second burger I've put my own name to. There is the Alaric Burger, which is a flavor circus of a sandwich, with cappy ham, hickory smoked bacon, pepperjack, cheese, jalapeño relish, pineapple mustard, and balsamic-pickled red onions!) Especially with this wonderful combo of cheese: the sharp tang of the cheddar, the smooth aromatic of the gruyere, and the smoky, almost nutty richness of the gouda, exciting every taste bud and perfectly complimenting the the natural sweetness of the beef.

I do, like most, find most things better with bacon, but chose to honor the cheese by letting the palate not be distracted from it. And if there exists a National Bacon Cheeseburger Day, I'll probably just remake this with two or more different types of bacon, and call it the Bacon Alaric Cheeseburger

For now, though, I'm happy enough to be able to call this one mine, even after I'm done eating it! =)

Kerry Alaric CheeseBURGER

Kerry Alaric CheeseBURGER

Kerry Alaric CheeseBURGER

Kerry Alaric CheeseBURGER

"Red" Red Potato Salad

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