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FOR MANY GENERATIONS, New York City has provided its hungry masses its most iconic foods, such as the New York-style pizza slice (not even nearly replicated anywhere else in the U.S.) and the bagel. Add to the list the hot dog and you might have an accurate list of the most eaten items throughout all five boroughs.

And if one happens to have a favorite place that sells any of those items—such as H&H Bagels or DiFara's Pizza—one becomes quite remiss when that place closes, even if only temporarily.

Such was the melancholy felt be Upper East Siders for most of the summer as neighborhood favorite hot dog spot Papaya King closed for renovations. Some worried that major renovations weren't necessary, as the flattop-grilled, snappy-skinned franks were near perfect as is.

As it turns out, the changes were more of ideology than of recipe or even store design, as PK has made a more concerted effort to better market itself through a revamped website and a very active Twitter page.

The visual esthetic was only slightly modernized while, thankfully, the perfectly seasoned, hot-off-the-grill, snappy-skinned franks our as satisfyingly delicious as they ever were.

The King is very much alive!

Bun Apple Tea!


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Papaya King | 179 East 86th St. (at 3rd Ave.) | 212.369.0648 | |