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ANOTHER QUICK ROUND of PHUDE roulette (where i randomly click through neighborhoods and categories on Menupages to pick restaurants) landed me this on a quaint little place in Chelsea. After a brief commute on the 6 train, I found the eatery just past an adjunct to a place called Spoon, which sells prepared foods, pastries, and assorted cooking items.

This restaurant part of the same business as Spoon is called tbsp, a nicely comfort-fitted space with the rusticity and welcoming humor of a country inn. I found the place already serving a handful of customers just minutes after they had opened (probably wanting to avoid any crowds, as I was attempting).

The place prides itself on cooking with local, farm fresh ingredients, as was quite apparent in my brunch order of french toast with fresh fruit and a side of thick cut bacon.

Yes, warm, thick slices of bread singing with bouquets of vanilla and nutmeg were a great base for the assortment of berries and melon and cantaloupe. The bacon had perfect "chew" and great flavor without being overly salty. The mellow maple rewarded me by topping mouthfuls of however many different elements I could fit on my fork at one time.

In soon time the place started to fill up, and as I am crowd-averse, I sped up my eating, finishing what I could of my oversized brunch platter, and thanking the cordial staff for their prompt service. And although the my meal was abbreviated, it will be one that I happily remember for a long time.

Bun Apple Tea!


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tbsp (tablespoon) | 17 West 20th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.) | 646.230.7000 | www.spoonnyc.com