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I COULDN'T DECIDE Where I was going to lunch today. It was between BonChon Chicken (for Korean fried chicken), Schiller's Liquor Bar (for the Sticky Toffee Pudding), or Mel's Burger Bar (the new outlet for burgers made from Pat Lafrieda beef). Once I had randomly decided on Mel's, my friend Danny called me and decided that he was in the mood to try Yorkville Creperie for a quick bite, a year after I first recommended he do so.

It must have been kismet, because a quick call to Mel's found that they were not open yet—thanks for nothin', TimeOut NY...!—so I met him at Yorkville Creperie within a matter of minutes, both of us living only a couple blocks away.

The stools that I remember lining the long bar (which doubles as the "kitchen" were replaced by two-top tables and high chairs, in one of which Danny was already seated. I joined him and as we looked through the menu, we got to watch other luncher's orders (many beautifully-stuffed crepes, some delicious looking salads) get delivered.

Danny was so impressed with another customers salad, that he decided to order that for himself. I took advantage of the new option of crêpe filling customization, and ordered one with mixed ham, mixed greens tossed with balsamic vinegar, and, since they offer them, sliced apples (yes, in a savory application), with a topping of roasted tomatoes. Chris Boyce, head chef and co-owner, was actually on hand to make my crepe himself.

Danny powered through a fresh salad that was well-balanced, well-flavored, and wonderfully textured with crisp lettuce, crispy bacon, tender moist turkey, smooth cream avocado, crumbly goat cheese, an juicy tomatoes.

My crepe was so good it deserves to be named! Even Danny agreed that the use of apples rounded out the savory flavors as the balsamic tempered their sweetness while adding acidity.

We cleaned our plates—no small feat since these were not small portions—and I eventually convinced Danny that he couldn't really leave without having a dessert crepe, especially with the many options for fillings, from fruit to Nutella to nuts to whipped cream to Oreos to brownies to ice cream to granola and Graham crackers. We, again, customized our own dessert crepe stuffed with fresh bananas and strawberries, and cornflakes, and topped it with drizzles of dark and white chocolate (an intentional "ebony & ivory" theme!).

And just like us, this was warm, sweet, comforting, and enjoyable on the inside, with a little bit of bite, and, likewise, was made to disappear completely off the plate.

Proving that, sometimes, having too many options can be a good thing.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Yorkville Creperie | 1586 York Ave. (bet. 83rd & 84th Sts.) | 212.570.5445 | yorkvillecreperienyc.com