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I HAD JUST left the Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridien in Midtown, sated from the wonderful cheeseburger I had just eaten, and was on my way to another Burger Joint (Nick's Burger Joint on 77th, across the street from the prep school I attended for 10 years). I had already planned a clever little title for the post about attending both restaurants: Double Jointed.

While walking by Columbus Circle, however, I was happily surprised to to see the storefront for a gelato place called Grom. This (New York) location was their third, and I had only heard about Grom when I read some website's post about Grom offering free gelato to commemorate the opening of this particular, um, post.

Deciding, then, to skip clever words—and possible gout!—for a proper meal's finish, I figured a nice, premium gelato was in order. I walked in to find a clean, modern, attractive spot that represented an upscale reinvention of the Steve's Ice Cream shop I used to make ice cream from scratch at twenty years ago on 74th and Columbus.

Their menu offers a wide variety of flavors, most involving highly premium ingredients, such as Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts, Colombian chocolate, and Sicilian marsala. I ordered their "house" flavor, the Crema di Grom, made with Battifollo biscuits—a slightly sweet, cornmeal-based, shortbread type of cookie— and the same Colombian chocolate.

Pure heaven, really! I was genuinely by how much I enjoyed this! I'm still curious to try the other flavors on the strength of the Crema di Grom. Creamy it was, perfect cold temperature, and rich and layered with a host of complimentary flavors. A nice, clean yet robust vanilla flavor evened the smoothness of the "egg cream"-based gelato. Shards of pure chocolate were small enough to melt on the tongue on contact, while the cornmeal helped keep the biscuits crispy and crunchy until the very last spoonful.

This was a much better way to follow a cheeseburger (than with another cheeseburger!), and, in my opinion, is a great way to follow, celebrate, pre-game, or treat yourself for any occasion.

Bun Apple Tea!


Grom Gelato | Various Locations | |