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THE REAL PRESENT OF the day was picking up a client check in Midtown this afternoon. And knowing I was in Midtown, I made a note to myself to stop by the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck that would be slinging from the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington and, more importantly, serving Peking Duck which is never on their Street Truck menu, which means I've never tried it.

So after depositing the check at Citibank and making my way east on 52nd from 6th Avenue, I made sure I kept my eye open for any othe the other numerous food trucks I hadn't tried yet.

After a few false alarms (thanks for nothing, DHL and Verizon FiOS trucks!), I came across the Meats 'n' Frites truck right off Park Avenue. Known for serving Angus and Kobe beef burgers with traditional, double-fried Belgian pommes frites, it was enough to forget about dumplings for the day.

I took a quick look at the menu on the side of the truck, filled out an "order card" of which burger, which cheese, which condiment, etc. I wanted, and was only minutes away from getting a brown paper bag to cart across and enjoy while sitting on the side ledge of some huge block-long building.

For some reason, I was not expecting to like the burger as much as I did, which was very, very much! Fresh, tender, flavorful meat does make a huge difference, with the leaner beef keeping its juiciness without being so "drippy", or over-sogging the bun.

And only since it was my birthday was I going to give myself some credit for enjoying this so much (I had planned to only eat less than half of it—saving room for the best present, my official birthday dinner tonight at Sushi Yasuda, that I was being treated to by my friend, "Trixie"—but guiltily finished anyway!) because I was such a proud fan of my topping combination. The aromatic brioche stood up nicely against very mellow and soft goat cheese, while sweet and earthy onion jam was accented my bright, piquant and slightly vinegary mustard.

The pommes frites were less a second banana and more of a co-star, bringing back waves of nostalgia—for me at least—piercing crispy-on-the-outside shoestrings of airy potato that might be the only thing that ketchup was really made for.

Well, it's off to the shower before dinner for me, while I recharge my camera battery. If I do wind up being corralled to go out and "party" for my birthday tonight, I will have the solace of knowing that I have more than "set a good base" for any amount of drinks I wind up consuming.

Care to join...?! ;)

Bun Apple Tea!


Meats 'n' Frites Street Truck | Various Locations | | On Twitter