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IT'S ALL ABOUT having a frame of reference. As I try to discover and embrace all types of cuisines from all around the world, I like to make sure that I'm (hopefully) enjoying the "real deal".

Recently, I had my expectations for good Korean food dashed by the pedestrian KyoChon Chicken, then later redeemed by the stellar Mandoo Bar.

And wanting to believe I didn't need to travel to West 34th Street to satisfy any future desires for Korean food, I decided to finally try a neighborhood Korean barbecue place called Buddha BBeeQ, ordering the Thai Red Curry Rice Bowl lunch special for delivery.

It was all passable at best. It had some great aromas when I first removed the container's lid, but once I dug into the dish, I had to check the menu to make sure I had ordered the right thing. Of the rice bowl options, I had chosen one of the two spiciest dishes, but there was very little heat heat or spice to it.

And very little real curry flavor as well, the more prominent taste was of peanuts I discovered as I then checked my receipt to make sure I hadn't ordered—or they had delivered—the Spicy Peanut Bowl by mistake, which, at least, I hadn't. Texturally, the whole dish could have been better served by crispier veggies and a lot more of them—I think I counted 2 or 3 bean sprouts total and thought I had discovered "broccoli crumbs"!

I was worried that I should have ordered something else of the menu to get a better idea of the food, but I believe I now have as good an idea as I am ever going to get about the mediocre at best quality of the food. Thank goodness springs upon us; I look forward to more trips to 34th Street.

Bun Apple Tea!


Buddha BBeeQ Asian Grill | 1750 2nd Ave. (bet. 91st & 92nd Sts.) | 212.348.7041 | On MenuPages