Ging | 1564 3rd Ave. (bet. 87th & 88th Sts.), Manhattan | 212.722.8808 | order on SeamlessWeb

ALTHOUGH I USE MY PHUDE-ING to explore a wider variety of cuisine, I have to remind myself to always be on the lookout for newer and better perveyors of more common kinds of food. I had recently heard some very good things about a place on Third Avenue called Ging, and after seeing some surprisingly consistent positive reviews for the place on MenuPages as well, I decided to order some delivery from there and try it out for myself.

I ordered a dish called Crispy Shrimp of the lunch menu—which comes with a side (I got the vegetable fried rice) or soup—some steamed pork dumplings, and an eggroll. The food showed up quickly enough, was still hot, and looked very appetizing.

Thumbs up all around! The shrimp were big and tasty, fried in a tempura-like batter that was not at all oily. The dumplings were light, with a nice non-gummy dough and a fully seasoned pork filling that require less soy dipping sauce than most dumplings do. The eggrolls were prepared more modernly, with a lighter yet crispier wrapper, and were nicely complimented by spicier- and fruitier-than-usual duck sauce.

Not even the lack of hangover could stop me from saving the second half of the generous portions for dinner; they were devoured a quick two hours later, as I discovered that—with a bill totaling less than 16 bucks—I may have found my new favorite Chinese restaurant. And although I usually frown upon a restaurant trying to execute more than one type of cuisine, with the satisfaction of lunch I enjoyed today, I can only look forward to the Japanese food they also sell.

Bun Apple Tea!


Ging | 1564 3rd Ave. (bet. 87th & 88th Sts.), Manhattan | 212.722.8808 | order on SeamlessWeb