Chicken & Sausage Stew with Rice
I'LL MAKE THIS QUICK.... I browned some hot Italian sausage and garlic in a deep pan with some olive oil. I then remove the sausage and place some chicken thighs and drumsticks—skin side down where applicable—and let those brown as well.

I then threw the sausage back in and deglazed the bottom of the pan with 3/4 cup of balsamic vinegar, then poured in 3 cups of chicken broth. I tossed in some chopped tomatoes, chopped scallions, and some basil, tarragon, and rosemary, first bringing the liquid to a boil, then reducing the heat to a medium low.

I covered the pot with a lid, setting the lid to let out some steam, and let that cook for about an hour, stirring occasionally to keep the ingredients from sticking or burning on the bottom of the pan.

Once done, I plated chicken pieces on a plate with some white rice over arugula, then covered the chicken with spoonfuls of sausage, tomatoes, and sauce.

This dish serves four, but since I live by myself, it's going to have to serve one four times!

And, as good as this was, I look very much forward to it...!

Bun Apple Tea!


Chicken & Sausage Stew with Rice