Caesar Salad | Grilled-to-Order 14 oz. Marinated N.Y. Strip Steak | Twice-Baked Potato | Ratatouille

YOU MAY HAVE heard me refer to the restaurant where I presently bartend on the weekends called Dorrian's Red Hand and located just below my apartment. For reasons of impartiality, I have so far resisted the urge to post about the place where, after 23-plus years (of full-time/part-time, on-and-off) of employment, it would be hard for me to write something objectively.

That being said, regardless of my work history there, and the added convenince of its location, I do invite any of you who don't already know the place—or only know it from its bar scene—to come in and (re)discover its great menu.

Many of our listed items are already quite popular. Our wings are huge orders during sporting events, many locals come in for our homemade soups during lunch and early dinner hours, and my personally recipe Specialty Burgers have become best-sellers, such as the Red Hand Burger (topped with cheddar cheese, grilled ham, fried onions) and the Ragin' Cajun Burger (cajun-spiced, with pepper jack cheese, jalapeño relish, and a side of ranch dressing).

Last night, I decided to spoil myself with our Monday Night Steak Special (served every Monday night after 5 p.m.) which is a 14 oz. N.Y. Strip Steak, marinated for 6 hours in Chef Gary's signature garlicky smokey-sweet sauce, grilled to order, topped with fried onions, and served complete with a side house or Caesar salad, potatoes, and veggies—all for just $18!

This night, the potatoes were twice-baked, and the veggies were a very hearty but light ratatouille. Yes, at Dorrian's! Take a look for yourself....

I took my time cleaning all plates, and felt I had well earned and deserved the food coma that took over me—unfortunately while at a friend's place—and made me sleep happily like a baby!

Once again, I could understand if you couldn't just take my word for it. So if you don't fully believe me, I welcome you to come in and try the Steak Special—or anything else on the menu—for yourself.

Then you can tell me what you think...! ;)

Bun Apple Tea!


Caesar Salad | Grilled-to-Order 14 oz. Marinated N.Y. Strip Steak | Twice-Baked Potato | Ratatouille