Cocoa Krispies Pancakes | Peanut-Brown Sugar-Butter Syrup
YET ANOTHER IDEA THAT'S BEEN tossing around in my head has been a redo of pancakes. I've done a slew of egg dishes before, many to my liking. So it was time to play with pancakes.

I've only done one "take" on pancakes in my cooking life (or memory thereof), and that's when I made gingerbread pancakes last holiday season. But for a few months now, I've been ideating putting to of my personal breakfasts together: pancakes, and Cocoa Krispies. My friend, Brooke, thought it was a great idea, and was supposed to join me whatever morning I made it. However, since she is, fortunately, no longer unemployed—and not free during the day—I couldn't wait any longer.

So this morning, as I was getting my NY Post, I picked up a box of Aunt Jemima's Complete (just add water), some Virginia peanuts (for my syrup), and a small takeout bowl of Cocoa Krispies. When I got home I added some of the cereal to prepped pancake mix...,




...and started sautéing some peanuts in butter and brown sugar....




The pancakes came out of the pan and went onto a plate and get spoonfuls of the peanut-brown sugar syrup and topped off with yet more Cocoa Krispies!


As the child in you can probably imagine, this was crazy yummers! Nice airy pancakes with just a little crisp to the edges were heightened by little bursts of chocolate rice cereal with plenty of rich cocoa flavor and still retaining a lot of their crunch. The syrup, sweet with sugar, tempered by butter, gave some sweet moistness to the bits of pancakes and the peanuts another layer of textural depth.



I even brought this plate over to my next door neighbor, Gina, who happily scooped up several forkfuls herself.


Which was good since I'm not an extreme "sweets" person—especially as I get older—I (and my dentist) felt better not chowing down on the whole thing, but was quite happy with the mouthfuls I had. If chocolate makes everyone this happy, especially going so well with pancakes, I don't know why we all don't start our day with some...! :)

Bun Apple Tea!


Cocoa Krispies Pancakes | Peanut-Brown Sugar-Butter Syrup