Baby Shrimp-Scrambled Eggs and Grilled Dry Rub Angus Ribeye Steak | Shrimp Salad
HAVING WORKED IN THE FOOD service industry for over half my life—and having been an industrious eater/food shopper for even longer—I have been made aware of certain patterns. One of the most beneficial to my wallet is knowing when supermarkets get deliveries of new food. If you travel by bus during weekday day hours, you may have noticed extra vehicular traffic due to the greater number of delivery trucks. That is because most supermarkets get deliveries on Monday, replacing what ever was sold over the weekend, and on Thursday, when supermarkets are gearing up for the weekend.

So, suffice it to say, Thursday mornings, before the trucks show up, a lot of the food is at its cheapest. This morning I got to Food Emporium and order up less then $20 for what I had planned as a nice steak & eggs breakfast.

Most of the stuff I would need to make this were already at home; the only things I bought were a can of baby shrimp ($4, to scramble with my eggs), scallions ($2, likewise, for the eggs), and—here's the good part!—an Angus boneless ribeye steak (only $9!). The rest of the stuff I would need I already had at home, so here is roughly what I started with.


I chose to prep the steak with a dry rub consisting of salt, black pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder, chili powder, and cayenne pepper.



I let the steak absorb those flavors for about 15 minutes before I tossed into a cast iron skillet with the heat all the way up. I seared the steak on both sides for about 6 minutes each, letting the outside get a nice spicy carmelization going. I then removed it from the skillet and let it sit on a plate.

I chose this time that it would take to let the juices set back into the steak to turn my attention to the eggs, which I whisked with black truffle oil, fresh cracked pepper, oyster sauce, and scallions...




...and, poured that into a preheated pan with some butter. Near the end of the eggs cooking, I added only half the can of those tiny shrimp!



I had a half a loaf of some good Italian bread, so I cut a thick slice, toasted it, cut it into thirds, and buttered it. This adorned the final rustic-yet-somewhat-upscale plating, next to my steak, with its nice firm, carmelized exterior, and juicy, flavorful interior, and the eggs, fluffy and aromatic.




I loved the sear I got on the inside, and was most happy keeping the inside beef medium rare on the inside....


The meal was most satisfying, if more than filling (especially after using the last piece of toast to sop up the residual rendered beef juices left on the plate!), and proved to be a good omen on the day, since it turned out to be beautiful outside, a client wound up paying me early, and I might have acquired a new client randomly out of the blue!

I have nothing planned for this evening, but whatever I do, it should prove to be a great time as well!

Bun Apple Tea!


PS In case you were wondering what I did with the rest of the baby shrimp, I folded it into a small bit of mayo with a dash of dijon mustard, plus some diced celery, tarragon, lemon juice, celery salt, ground white pepper, and paprika: Shrimp Salad...!


Baby Shrimp-Scrambled Eggs and Grilled Dry Rub Angus Ribeye Steak | Shrimp Salad