Making Hash Decisions


UPPER EAST SIDE | Food holidays abound these days—every ingredient, dish, and meal has a day dedicated to it. Many are arguably superfluous (do we really need a burger day?!), but I still welcome a reminder now and then of some of my favorite dishes I might look very forward to having again.

So very grateful I am to be reminded by a friend on Facebook that today is National Corned Beef Hash Day! It's one of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes, and the place I worked for for many years, Dorrian's Red Hand on the Upper East Side, has a chef named John Bondurant who now makes my favorite version of the dish (besides my own, of course).

The corned beef is made in-house, cut into large dices, and grilled in a cast iron skillet with potatoes, onions, and minimal other seasoning. The bites of corned beef are delightfully tender and juicy on the inside, beautifully smokey and charred on the edges, and are wonderfully topped with fried eggs with warm, silky, runny yolks.


A traditionally hearty dish, Dorrian's corned beef hash is given greater respect than any tin can and most diners give it.

Working for the place may not offer my an objectivity of my opinions to others, but I heartily welcome others to go to the Red Hand and try it out for themselves.


Dorrian's Red Hand | 1616 2nd Ave., NYC  |  212772.6660  |

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