Rib Ticklin' Good



Sunday afternoon I was minding my own business on Facebook when a post popped up on my newsfeed alerting me that me fellow epicure and dear friend was having brunch just across the street from me at the just year-old Latin American restaurant La Pulperia. I needed to take a break anyway, so decided I'd take the convenient opportunity to do some shopping at local Fairway, but would first stop to say hi and give hugs to my friend.

Walking into the restaurant I surprised her as she was seated with her friend Kerry Anne and had just started a beautiful-looking Eggs Benedict dish that featured sangria-braised short ribs in lieu of Canadian ham, and a hollandaise kicked up with aji amarillo chili peppers .


She graciously offered a bite—valuing my opinion of food, obviously—and I obliged. And was glad I did so. The short rib was juicy, tender, bright with hints of citrus and acid, accentuating the beef's natural sweetness. The thick-sliced toast made for a sturdy, crispy-textured vessel, and the firmly set white of the poached eggs released a lovely, silky, warm runny yolk when punctured. The floral, spicy counter of the amarillo peppers in the hollandaise added the proper additional level of flavor, with just a bit of heat to better explore the entire bite rather than overwhelm it.

Much of the menu is just as expertly prepared, and I look forward to helping La Pulperia continue with yet another hopefully successful year with many planned and unplanned visits.



LA PULPERIA (UES)  |  1626 2nd Ave., New York, NY 10028  |  pulperianyc.com