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FILED UNDER: BETTER-LATE-THAN-NEVER, the iconic New York frankfurter emporium Papaya King has finally launched the very own food truck!

The oldest hot dog stand in the entire city—which has made its home on Manhattan's Upper East Side for decades!—is now offering their city-defining, skin-cased, flat top-grilled, uniquely spiced frankfurters to other grateful neighborhoods, starting this week in Midtown.

Anyone who know their hot dogs (or at least their countless imitators) will be ecstatic to find that all the culinary comforts and nostalgia of their corner store are perfectly replicated through the truck experience. That familiar, memory-making snap, slight char, and deep, juicy flavor of their store hot dogs are revisit with every bite. Hot curly fries still crisp on the outside and light and airy on the inside.

And among their newer items, deep-fried Oreos boast surprising properties of the light, funnel cake-like batter, also fried to a crispy exterior, holding full Oreo cookie that, when heated through, concentrates the chocolate of the cookie and turns its creamy filling into a pillowy cloud of sweetness.

All of their signature drinks and juices are available to-go as well in thankfully re-sealable containers, so than can be enjoy later, either back at the office or while walking through the park.

And like a walk through the park, the pleasure of enjoying one of the most enduring—and one of the most historical—New York City flavors can be enjoyed by a greater number of people.

Hopefully you're one of them!

Papaya King Truck

"The King's Combo"

Curly Fries

Fried Oreos

Papaya King Truck

Bun Apple Tea!