National Oyster Day

AS I MENTIONED in a previous post about National Doughnut Day, there probably is a National Day for some food or dish pretty much every day of the year.

The reason, however, why I did do a post about National Doughnut Day—eschewing many other "Days", such as PB&J Day, or Mac & Cheese Day—is because I believe, at times, that it's a good thing to reconnect with a food or dish that one doesn't get to enjoy often.

For me, oysters (another great gift to the Dutch from the Lenape Indians, after Manhattan, of course) fall into that category. Thanks to a friend of mine who made mention of it on her Facebook page (as well as her blog), I got wind of this special event food day, and am now looking for where I might treat myself to some fine oysters today.

They come in a wide variety, each with their own unique taste and texture properties (from Always Hungry):

· BELONS | Salty with mineral finish. Indigenous to Europe. In US: Maine, California and Washington. · EASTERN | Salt, taste, texture vary. Canadian Maritime to Gulf of Mexico. Same type, regional names. · PACIFIC (Gigas) | Sweet, slightly fruity and mineral. Available around the world. · KUMAMOTO | Small, sweet, citrusy, often creamy. Originally from Japan. Also grown along West Coast. · OLYMPIA | Small, assertive flavor. Native to the Pacific Northwest.

I recently had some great Mystic oysters at Flex Mussels; I described them as "large, meaty, silky, creamy, briny..., and tasty".

I think I might check out the fried oysters at Pearl Oyster Bar. Hopefully, you can get to enjoy some tasty bivalves soon yourself.

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National Oyster Day