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MY "SECOND" TRIP, in as many days, to Maine —via Luke's Lobster—found me enjoying the other half of their new fried menu items, fried clams (after loving the battered, fried belly-on clams). At only $12, they are, like their clam counterpart, a great appetizer to split between two people before chowing down on lobster or shrimp rolls, or for one person to completely fill up of some plump, tender shrimp, fried in a simply seasoned crackermeal, and served with a bright, piquant cocktail sauce, deep with earthy hot horseradish.

I also wanted to try their Maine-centric ice creams—provided by family-owned Gifford's—particularly their Maine Blueberry and something called Lobster Tracks (vanilla ice cream with lobster-colored chocolate cups filled with thick caramel swirled with eclair crunch). They were out of both (always a good sign), which worked in my favor since it was a little warmer today, and I hadn't just eaten a whole container of "breaded" shrimp.

I ordered one scoop of each.

Excellent, both of them. The Maine Blueberry was rich with real fruit and not so much sugar, and blended very well into the more creamy than custard-y scoopfuls. The Lobster Tracks enjoys not just the novelty of its name, but a great combination of tastes and lots of texture, which made it that much more fun to eat.

Hopefully appearing as if i was about to offer some ice cream traveler to an eventual meetup, I walked home with both cups of the ice cream in my hand, stopping to take a few more photos once I realized the red chocolate cups were more discernible as I was spooning my way to the bottom.

Cool shrimp and lobster (in toasty warm buns!), chilled sodas, hot fried clams, and icy cold ice cream, Luke's brings Maine to you, no matter the temperature.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Luke's Lobster (UES) | 242 East 81st St. (bet. 2nd & 3rd Aves.) | 212.249.4241 | | |