Shake Shack (UES) | 154 East 86th St. (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.) | 646.237.5037 |
I HAD RECENTLY wrote a few words about the upcoming opening of yet another Shack Shack—just weeks after their midtown opening—just a few blocks from my apartment here on the Upper East Side. You can read those words in my post, Shake Shack Shock, where I choose to lament that as Yorkville finally starts to show the signs of becoming a legitimate foodie destination, that very change also serves as a possible death knell to the last few vestiges of the old school, old world charms of our venerated "vittle and tipple" landmarks, such as the Heidelberg.

But I must also admit that every time I walk by the construction on East 86th Street, I "suffer" the excitement of their impending opening (next Thursday or Friday, according to "Hoss", the head of construction, grateful, even, that I may know have the convenience to enjoy one of their excellent burgers (not my favorite, but "up there") on the whimsiest of whims.

The place looks to be spacious, with soon-to-be-available outdoor dining in the adjacent courtyard—years vacant previously!—where I've decided I will probably, at least once a week, enjoy Shack doubles and Shack Stacks® al fresco, during the—hopefully for me—off peak hours, while people watching and marveling at how this new Shack Sack architecturally blends in with the back of the high-rise that abuts!

Bun Apple Tea!


Shake Shack (UES) | 154 East 86th St. (bet. Lexington & 3rd Aves.) | 646.237.5037 |