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MY VERY FIRST visit to Energy Kitchen had my surprisingly enjoying a bison egg wrap that offered more flavorful mouthfuls than I had expected an egg white/chopped bison meat/wheat tortilla breakfast to possess.

They are presently promoting a special of 5 bucks for any of their specialty, healthy burgers. Curious and convenient enough, I decided to stop by to see if I could counter my usually rich meals with something a bit more "light" and responsible in a diet for a 44-year old.

I ordered the ostrich burger, which came with low-fat American cheese, tomatoes and carrots, and came on a whole wheat bun.

Another success, in my opinion. It did, for a very good part, bely the adage that fat equals flavor, ergo, fat-free equals tasteless. There was a lot more to enjoy than previous incarnations of "healthy burgers" I've had in the past, the ostrich meat while quite lean, possessing a decent meat flavor without any gaminess. Crisp carrots and lettuce added nice texture and moisture, rounded out by aromatic hints from the whole wheat bun and a little "zing" of flavor from the packet ketchup I put on top.

Will I soon be eating a bacon-blue cheese burger with mayo and steak sauce? I hope so. But now, all my burgers don't have to be overwrought bombs of meat, cheese, sauces, and toppings, with nary the threat of having to give up too much on taste.

Bun Apple Tea!


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