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YES, IT'S OPPRESSIVELY hot! And I can't imagine any group of people happier about this heatwave than the fine thieves at ConEd, except, maybe, anyone who sells ice cream...!

I'm admittedly not a sweets person, but I can appreciate a good cup/cone of ice cream with the best of them. And having just discovered a fresh-made "indie" ice cream store ("chain") called Emack & Bolio's, I made time to take a quick, late afternoon break to go try it out.

It's a smallish store, with a groovy, retro vibe, un-ironically honoring its roots in Boston, being founded there in 1975 (and a few years before Ben and Jerry got their act together, they claim to have been the originators of mixing Oreos and ice cream!).

The have over 100 rotating flavors; this particular afternoon I go for a one-scoop of Mud Pie ice cream (Java ice cream with Oroes and chocolate flakes) and another of Bleeding Hearts ice cream (vanilla ice cream with raspberry liquor swirl and white and dark chocolates filled with raspberry liquor...yes!)

Heavenly, both of them! (They even have a flavor called Heaven which I can't wait to try: vanilla with marshmallow and white chocolate...yes!) Both possessing a good creamy custard-based consistency, keeping the non-icy coolness and flavors on the tongue long after each silky smooth swallow. The Bleeding Heart especially pleasant, with the added surprise of thin-but-crispy shelled chocolates giving way to the berry sweet raspberry liquor. These spoonfuls boded very well for the other flavors I now look very forward to trying in the near future.

I can't stand the weather when it's this hot (especially working from home in front of a monitor that gives off more heat than a toaster oven!), but it's good to know that a cup (or cone) of Heaven (ice cream) is just a few blocks away!

Bun Apple Tea!


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Emack & Bolio's | Various Locations | www.emackandbolios.com