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SO I WAS TRYING TO to do the right thing. I had just enjoyed a delicious meatball hero from the Mia Dona meatball cart and decided to, instead of taking another cab back uptown—all in all that sandwich cost me 15 bucks with the cab I stupidly took down to 58th Street during the lunch rush hour!—I would walk back up 3rd Avenue to walk off my lunch and, possibly, take a photo or two on my leisurely stroll!

Discovering how little the stretch of real estate from 58th on uptown had changed in the last generation (and enjoying the quality of women in their 40s who were about the errands with their children or enjoying lunch with friends), I was happily distracted, eventually, in my ambling, attaining a peaceful reverie, rarely afforded me with my frantic freelance schedule.

Then an awning happened to appear within my periphery, lulling me aware again.

Yes, Crumbs, the popular citywide cupcake shop—that was at the forefront of the whole "comfort dessert" movement that escalated only a few years ago. I walked in, knowing I could do a quick post, although I had been happily sated by my earlier hero and had nary an appetite left. But there was still a thrill in seeing the great variety of baked sweetness they proudly displayed.

As I like to share my PHUDE adventures with my friends, I knew my visit to Crumbs wouldn't go to waste since I'd have to pass the restaurant where I work, finding grateful guinea pigs to devour some of these goodies.

So I purchased a S'mores cupcake and a day special Very Berry cupcake, and dropped them off at the restaurant for my co-worker and very good friend, Ali, to enjoy, which she very much did....

Bun Apple Tea!


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Crumbs Bake Shop | Various Locations