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I WAS MAKING my way up Broadway in the rain yesterday afternoon, having earlier had a stellar sub from No. 7 Sub on 28th, I made a point to keep track of the various food carts, expecting them to be in greater number and variety of cuisines with the upcoming New York City's warmer seasons.

Oddly, maybe because of the weather, block after block only offered Halal trucks,with their standard—and I'm sure, decent—chicken and rice dishes, falafel and gyros. It wasn't until I got to 48th Street that I found something that at least looked a little different, a truck labeled NYC Cravings.

Initially, I thought it might feature NYC staple foods such as hot dogs or possibly a pastrami sandwich on rye. But, no! This truck featured, prepared and served Taiwanese dishes, such as Taiwanese-Style Fried Chicken (or Pork Chop or Fish Cake) over Rice, Taiwanese Chicken Wings, Taiwanese Pork Dumplings, and Zongzis, which is their version of a tamale.

Even in the rain, there were great smells coming from the truck, and seeing that the dumplings and wings each cost $3 per order, I ordered one of each and watched them cook them to order while reading the positive write-ups from respected foodie websites and Midtown Lunch, as well as the New York Times and GQ Magazine.

I took my wings and dumplings, aware that I wouldn't be able to eat them until I got home, and that wouldn't be until after a brief client meeting. I can smell the sweet aromas emanating from my paper bag as I rushed home in a cab, and was still thrilled once I finally got home and opened my containers.

The commute was the only and only slight detriment to both items; the residual steam took some of the crisp out of the wings' skin and releasing some moisture from the dumpling casings.

But the flavors were all present and spot on, soy sauce-based spicy and sweetness in the still juicy and sizable wings (take note, KyoChon!), and the delicious pork filling, heady with tang and aromatics, were supported nicely by the simple, chewy dough and a dollop of their iteration of a hoisin sauce.

I can see why this truck was a Vendy Award finalist in '08, and its food makes me wish I still worked at the Time·Life Building just two blocks away, although if the rain didn't stop from waiting patiently in line for this great grub, I don't see why a little distance would as well...!

Bun Apple Tea!


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NYC Cravings Truck | Various locations |