GLASER'S BAKE SHOP | 1670 1st Ave. (at 87th St.) | 212.289.2562 |

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ALREADY ELATED FROM FINDING A decent and cheap Latin American cuisine in my neighborhood, I was walking back home through the neighborhood wear i've lived the last half of my life, reminiscing about buildings, businesses, and bars that mostly no longer existed. It was bittersweet not having tangible references to go with the fond memories the streets and avenues were providing.

Then, suddenly, I was struck by a visual conundrum: a storefront that jogged absolutely no memory, but appeared to have been around for generations. It looked like something out of Mad Men, Pleasantville, or Mayberry. It was for a place called Glaser's Bake Shop.

As I stared awestruck at the surreal storefront, and as someone walked out of the bake shop, the most heavenly aroma escaped and, figuratively, did that thing that used to happen in cartoons where an aroma turned a hand, sticking its finger in nose and slowly pulling my weightless into the store.

I couldn't really believe that places like this still existed. The place is 107 years old and his been in the same family for years. They were still getting looks of very happy-looking customers, as it took me a full 10 minutes to peruse the voluminous variety of cakes, cookies, breads, scones, cupcakes, tarts, pies, rolls, croissants, brownins, fudges, etc.

I opted for a mini Key Lime Pie and a kind of suped-up Chocolate Cupcake, had it wrapped in a pretty box with string, and brought my gifts—totaling only $3.50!—to the bar where I work to share the bartender and waitress.

We all agreed that each were heavenly, feeling fortunate enough that there were three of us to share this. This were so tasty and rich that if any of us were left alone with them, we'd still be suffering from the guilt. The Key Lime tart was tart, yes, sweet, rich without being heavy, and topped with a nice homemade meringue and sat cradled in a nice, crumbly, buttery crust. The cupcake, topped with real whipped cream and chocolate, was flavorfully yummy, and sweet without having any of that residual grainy sugar that many of the newer cupcake "models" are guilty of, especially in their frosting.

I've never been much of a sweets person; I rarely ate my own birthday cakes at parties. (I didn't get my first cavity until I was 22, right around the time I discovered peach schnappes.) But I always enjoy that one sublime bite. The bite that reverts a person back to their childhood. And Glaser's will not only remind you of your childhood; it'll remind you of the early years of the neighborhood as well...!

Bun Apple Tea!


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GLASER'S BAKE SHOP | 1670 1st Ave. (at 87th St.) | 212.289.2562 |