Joe's Pizza | 7 Carmine St. (Bet. Bleecker St. & Sixth Ave.), Manhattan | 212.366.1182 |

I WAS FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO have a table of nice gentlemen seated next to me at Kesté on my first recent visit, and once realizing I was "trolling for 'za" for Nationa Pizza Week, they were kind enough to update me on their favorite pizza joints.

One gentlemen was especially informative, telling me to add a place called Luzzo's (located on the Lower East Side, my new fave PHUDE neighborhood) to my list, which I will make every effort to sample sometime this week.

They did have a general consensus on one of their favorite New York-style "street" slice shops, a place called Joe's (that sound's like an Off-Broadway musical revue!), just a few blocks away from Kesté on Carmine and Bleeker. I had just heard of Joe's for the first time earlier that morning, as I was researching pizzerias aonline and came across this article from Time Out NY listing Joe's as one of New York City's Top pizzas.

Having already had a delicious half of a pie from Kesté, with a decidedly non-crispy crust, I ventured to Joe's to do a slice "old school".

The flavors were spot on, with sauce they make in-house every 6 hours and some tasty mozzarella (they even offer fresh mozzarella). I was kind of let down by the limper-than-expected crust that could barely hold the New York fold, but I was surprisingly impressed by how nice and hot the slice—straight from the display—was; they supposedly do so much turn over that slices don't hang out on the display for very long.

I will give Joe's another shot in the near future to get a better crusted slice. I've just got a few other pizzas to try out, though, before then....

Bun Apple Tea!


Joe's Pizza | 7 Carmine St. (Bet. Bleecker St. & Sixth Ave.), Manhattan | 212.366.1182 |