Wafels & Dunges Truck | various locations
David Burke at Bloomingdale's | 150 E 59th St (off 3rd Avenue) | 212.705.3800 | www.davidburke.com/restaurant_dbbloomies

AFTER SHOWING MY NEXT DOOR neighbor, Gina, pictures from my last visit to the Wafels & Dinges truck—and after telling her that they would be parked two blocks away from us on 86th Street today Sunday—she gladly volunteered to join me on my next visit.

So it was on this very, icy cold Sunday that she knocked on my door that we set out upon the streets of New York City to find the bright yellow vehicle. Fortunately, I was able to check the Wafels & Dinges Twitter Page to receive the most recently updated change of address; they would not be on 86th this morning, but instead would be trying out a bit of real estate on 59th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

So, after getting the similar message from Thomas, the owner of the Wafels & Dinges business, winner of the 2009 VENDY AWARD FOR BEST DESSERT and upcoming Throwdown with Bobby Flay competitor) and confirming the absence of truck on 86th, Gina and I hopped a cab downtown on Lexington.

We jumped out at 59th and found the truck a few steps of from the corner.

I let Gina peruse the many delicious options—this being her first visit—as I resigned to not only ordering the same bacon Maple Wafel I did last time, but also ordering a wafelini, finally with the speuloos which is best described as a spread much like peanut butter but tasting of graham crakers (and not available in the U.S.!).

One again, crazy delish. But surprisingly, what Gina finally decided to order—a Liége wafel with fresh strawberries—might have been the best of the bunch. The strawberries were fresh and naturally juice without that cloying sticky syrupy-ness, letting the berry showcase it's natural sweetness and flavor over the slightly firmer wafel option.

We asked the servers a myriad of questions about operations and customer traffic, then after a a beautiful cup of hot chocolate, said our goodbyes and proceeded to make our way back home.

Along the way, and walking part Bloomingdale's, Gina and I noticed David Burke's somewhat new place tucked inside, Burke at Bloomingdale's. I first noticed the decor, then the menu, then the food—which all looked impressing and appetizing—and, after finally getting permission, was allowed to take some photos of some of the good stuff I was looking at.

There was plenty enough here—food, atmosphere, decor—to merit Gina and I making a plan to try the place out early in the week for lunch, possibly with friends in tow. And the pictures above are just from the BURKE IN THE BOX, takeout part of the restaurant (although that is the kitchen from which all the food is served/delievred); there's a whole, cozier "half" with more booth seating and a bar. I just figured I'd share this discovery (at least for me, discovery) with you. Which means, of course, I'll be posting about it soon as well.

Which I'm excited about. Especially since this was a day where I almost didn't find what I was looking for, and found something I wasn't looking for.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Wafels & Dunges Truck | various locations
David Burke at Bloomingdale's | 150 E 59th St (off 3rd Avenue) | 212.705.3800 | www.davidburke.com/restaurant_dbbloomies