FRIDAYS FOR ME ARE CLEAN-UP days. I clean the slate of my website client work since I won't be on the computer again until at least Monday (preferably Tuesday!). I clean up the apartment because the reason I won't be on the computer is that I'll be bartending Saturday and Sunday brunch until 7 p.m.—and I don't finish those shifts even remotely sober—so I can preemptively effect some kind of decorum in my apartment before I trash it with Jagermeister-stained apparel or decide to entertain company of the complimentary gender (aren't I ever the optimist!). And I clean my fridge of any leftover foods and foodstuffs since it rare that I cook anything over the weekend when I bring home staff meals from the restaurant both weekend days. So this morning I cleaned out the top shelf of my refrigerator of the fresh dill and goat cheese I had leftover from a past breakfast and some Cotswold cheese (like a mildy sharp Cheddar but a little creamier, smoother, and flavored with onion and chive) I had yet to finish from my Yorkville cheese shop called The Big Cheese.




After mixing the dill with the goat cheese, I scrambled two eggs with some red pepper flakes and skillet-fried two strips of bacon.



I then folded the Cotswold cheese into the eggs as they set. I butter-toasted a sliced roll, smeared the dill-goat cheese on the bottom half, topped the cheese with the eggs, toped the eggs with the bacon, and topped that with the last of the baby arugula I had and some fresh cracked pepper. Then I cut that in half....





Yes, delicious. Especially the creamy, cheesey eggs, the herbal hit of dill, the salt and "porcinity" of the crispy chewy bacon, and hit of spice and kick of heat from the red pepper flakes to kickstart my immune system into action. Perfect with a glass of OJ, and perfect to power me through a hangover to finish up with some client web updates, document amendments, and layout and graphic specs. Of course, it's something like 22° F outside and this happens to be the one day I have to venture outside (to pick up a client's check). Which means, if I have to actually interact—closely—with other people, the next thing I should clean up is myself...!

Bun Apple Tea!