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SO MANY OF YOU HAVE asked why do I go on all of these food excursions by myself. The answer is, because I'm anti-social. No, I'm just joking. I usually go during the day when many of you are busy at your offices slaving away for "The Man" (or Woman)". I always encourage my friends to join me when they can, and this evening, one of them did.

My former bar customer and now good friend Brooke, who is unfortunately unemployed, volunteered some of her too available free time to join me on a dumpling truck run after my post about NYC chef Anita Lo's Rickshaw Dumpling Truck last week. We quickly organized a foodie meetup through FB and, after a quick drink at D's, headed to 86th & Lexington for the grub.

Turning the corner and seeing the truck, Brooke reacted almost as elatedly as I did when I first saw it. We wanted to try the duck version, but they were only selling the Pork & Chive and Chicken and Thai Basil—same as last time—although the smartly recommended that we return later in the week as they do mix up the varieties.

Brooke was also smart enough to suggest that we try one of their other, non-dumpling dishes, as they do as well offer side dishes and salads. We went for the $3 Chili Sesame Noodle Salad, added that to our orders of each the Chicken and Pork dumplings, and made our way to enjoy the food, again, at Danny & Eddie's, where we could be outdoors and the backyard and eat, drink, and be all sorts of merry.

We decided to try the salad first, and you can see her earnest opinion of her first couple of tastes in this video.

And here some better looks at the Chili Sesame Noodle Salad:



We made fast, deep dents into that dish, but Brooke was here for the main event: the dumplings, which I helped her make quick work of also. At least this time I remembered to get a few shots of what the dumpling—in this case, the Chicken Dumpling—looks like on the inside:


And with a quick dip of the sauce....


Yes, still very, very good food! And for 15$ total, light but filling—we couldn't even finish the salad (and as I recommended to her and reminded myself, that salad is a great item to order and save for lunch the following day!).

Now I'm psyched. She's as enthusiastic a foodie as I am (I wasn't sure at first) and now I have someone who lives only a few blocks away who wants me to call her at any whim to join her for further food expeditions. Maybe, one of these days, you'll join us too. Just bring your smile and an appetite (and money, but hopefully, not a lot!)....

Bun Apple Tea!


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Rickshaw Dumpling
61 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10010 | 212.924.9220 | rickshawdumplings.com