Grub Med

Upper East Side, NYC — Always attempting to try so many new restaurants — and with so many new restaurants always opening — I do find it hard to get back to restaurants I may have liked in the past. Even within blocks of my apartment.

Hummus Kitchen is one such place, a restaurant with a few locations featuring Mediterranean-centric cuisine, and as a friend had to come all the way to the Upper East Side just so I could afford a few minutes to meet with her, it is nice to know that, years since my last visit to this food a few years ago, the menu and dishes still impress.

I helped my friend get through a generous helping of savory, exotically aromatic hummus with grilled carrots, beets, and eggplants and spiked slightly with paprika and made homey by a pleasant olive oil. And her roasted cauliflower with tahini and red onion made for hearty, healthy, tasty satisfaction for a side dish.

I can't promise I will make it back there on a more frequent or consistent basis, but it's nice to know that as long as Hummus Kitchen exists — directly across the street from me at that — it bodes well that a good meal is still to be had.



Hummus Kitchen | 1613 2nd Avenue, New York, NY | (212) 988-0090 |