Easy Pleasing 'Hard Times'


BROOKLYN, NYC | Kismet by its very definition is a most welcomed phenomenon. And the stars surely aligned as I needed both a reason to get back down to the San Gennaro festival and wanted to try a new cheeseburger for the first time for National Cheeseburger Day.

So thanks to my friend Matt Fisher (pitmaster at Fletcher's Brooklyn Barbecue) and another Facebook friend's previous night's photo posts, I was impelled to venture downtown today to discover the—until recently unbeknownst to me—very popular beef & bread handhelds from Brooklyn's own Hard Times Sundae. The burgers come single, double, even triple, and come with a nice variety of fresh, home-preeped and -cooked condiments. I was feeling the caramalized onions, bacon cheeseburger promoted at the HTS booth in the middle of the San Gennaro Feast.

It did not disappoint—in fact, it was an excellently executed medium rare patty (the ones on the food truck and hand-formed), nicely salty and charred on the edges, with gooey melted American, sweet smoky, grilled onions, and chewy yet crispy bacon. I added pickle for a little toothsome bite, brightness, and acidity.


The latest successful creation of Andrew Zurica—Sushi a GoGo, Jalapeno, Bomboloni, and Lanskys Deli, to start—Hard Times Sundae is chiefly the food truck that stations itself in Mill Basin but is relocating to Prospect Park Gardens in a matter of weeks.

The burgers are award-winning and have gotten great press from Thrillist, to Burger Weekly, to the New York Times, and more. Rightly so.

Brooklynites have been enjoying their good fortune for some time now, with the excellent new burger in their backyard. The heavens are shining on the rest of us here in Manhattan only for a few more days as the trip down to Mulberry between Prince and Spring Streets is only burger-worthy through the end of the festival.

Otherwise, worry not. The trip to Prospect Park for a Hard Times Sundae burger will be just as rewarding and worth it.


HARD TIMES SUNDAES  |  5700 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11234  |  hardtimessundaes.com

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