Race To Mille Miglia


LITTLE ITALY, NYC | All it took was one simple image.

While on Instagram I happened upon the @cheatdayeats post of something that looked like—and indeed was—a fish burger served in a squid ink bun. I immediately verified that this crazy yet appetizing dish was being served in New York City, from a month-old restaurant called Oficina 1000 Mille down in Little Italy.

This burger went straight to the top of my "must try next" list, and I happily shuttled myself down to Broom Street the first free afternoon I had to order one.


The flavorful, well cooked minced American fish patty was plenty juicy yet "binded" enough to evoke the mouthfeel of biting into and chewing on a burger. It is then pleasantly complimented by a housemade anchovy aioli and served on a house-baked squid ink sesame bun spiked with a rosemary sprig, deftly balancing salt, acidity, sweetness, and aromatics with each bite.

It alone is worth the $14 price tag, yet it also comes with a side salad and some roasted potatoes in oil, making for a bargain of a lunch (or dinner), and delicious enough to make me curious to try the spuma di tiramisu as well, with only just spare tummy room to spare.

Almost too reminiscent of a traditional tiramisu (I was told this iteration had no alcohol, but it did have the slight heady scent of booze), it was a fun dessert, topped with a light, airy foam that easily gave way to richer cream and espresso drenched cookie crumbs on the bottom.

Oficina 1000 Miglia is an offshoot of Oficina Latina NYC just a few blocks, and looks to become as much of a popular destination though only being open barely a month. Owner Paolo Votano (pictured below) takes great pride in the farm-to-table esthetic of the entire menu, as well as the decor and ambience of the venue, and is a very welcoming, personable presence. Like the restaurant itself, he takes his craft seriously, and has fun while doing so.


OFICINA 1000 MIGLIA | 371 Broome St (bet. Mulberry St & Mott Sts.) | (718) 431-3332 | oficina1m.com

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