'Silky' Smooth


UPPER EAST SIDE, NYC | Never one to rest on his laurels, Kelly Jaime, owner of The Sweet Shop NYC, is always on the lookout for great candies of our nostalgic past, as well as the best premium sweets of today and possibly tomorrow. 

Sometimes that curiosity turns itself inward, as exemplified by one of his newest candies, which in fact is one of his own creations.

Last week Kelly presented and offered to the public his "Silkies", confections of his own creativity—simply, bite-sized morsels of handmade marshmallows, covered in either premium chocolate or caramel.

I was quick to sample one and quicker to sample another. The handmade marshmallows sold at The Sweet Shop NYC are always heads and shoulders above their mass-produced counterparts, these possessing a far cleaner flavor, and are of a creamier yet still pliably firm texture than the gummy, synthetic mouthfeel of the store-bought kinds.

Bothe the chocolate and caramel used to dip and covered the marshmallows are bursting as well with pure flavor, never cloying sweet or teeth-coating with sugar, but deep with flavor from the tip to the back of the tongue, even releasing a bit of comforting and familiar caramel or chocolate aromatics from the heat of the tongue, a quality you never get with lesser made candies.

And I would expect no less from Yorkville's rightfully celebrated "Candyman", as the The Sweet Shop continues to to be the gift—to the sweet tooth—that keeps on giving.

"SILKIES" | Chocolate- or Caramel-Covered Handmade Marshmallows




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