"For She's A Jolly Good Taco!"


TACO MIX | 234 E 116th St #1, New York, NY 10029 | (212) 289-2963 | tacomixusa.com

EAST HARLEM / EL BARRIO, NYC — So, a very important and dear friend just celebrated her birthday over the weekend. I spent the whole week prior organizing and pre-organizing gifts and activities in her honor.

One of those many activities was to venture (back) to my favorite traditionally authentic taco joint Taco Mix, up on 116th Street, to effectively indulge of one of her favorite foods: tacos.

I wanted to enjoy, in her stead, what would be her ideal taco would be. She explained that it would be an al pastor—she knows her tacos!—with cheese, sour cream, fresh cilantro, salsa, and requisite pineapple. Taco Mix happily obliged and constructed in ideal specimen of the Mexican handheld, stuffed with smoky, tender, juicy, marinated pork, served in soft corn tortilla, and topped with floral chopped cilantro, subtle yet flavor-absorbing queso blanco, their slightly tart and sour crema, and a sliced of pineapple that sits on top of the pork as it roasts on the vertical rotisserie.

Topping it off with the salsa—housemade as are all the available sauces—made for a splendid celebration for both the palate and the occasion of my friend's birthday.

The only thing better would have been to have her enjoy it with me.



TACO MIX | 234 E 116th St #1, New York, NY 10029 | (212) 289-2963 | tacomixusa.com