Cherry On The Cheesecake

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YES, THERE ARE WAY TOO many "official" food holidays and events for one person to even attempt to safely navigate. Yet, as every months hosts a host of national and international food months/weeks/days, I do try to round out my experience with the ones that honor dishes and meals that I haven't had or made the time to enjoy in a long time.

And as I am not a avid "sweets" person myself, desserts usually fall into that "road-less-traveled" category. So, every once in a while, I have to remember to make the effort to use one of these food holidays to enjoy a little something I haven't tried for too long of a spell.

So here I was discovering that it was National Cheesecake Day, and I figured it was about time for me to indulge my most-neglected sweet tooth again. Making the endeavor even easier is knowing that the excellent Two Little Red Hens (An American Bakery) is a literal two minute walk from my front door. I actually think the last time I had a dessert was from there, a wonderful pair of cupcakes given to me as payment for helping a neighbor move some furniture. That was back in February.

So I was overdue. And as TLRH easily and quickly becomes Yorkville's favorite "go-to" spot for cakes and other baked goods, I figured I could hardly do better than a slice of their beautiful cherry cheesecake, a piece of heaven with a lovely and lush, firm yet still creamy cheesecake, possessing a sweet and almost buttery aroma, possessing that perfect texture somewhere between cake and custard, melting wonderfully slick and dissolving into a vanilla-hinted cloud in the mouth, set firm on a sturdy, easily crumbly graham cracker crust, and topped with plump, juicy, sweet cherries, in a syrup that hugs not just them, but the cheesecake, your fork, lips, and mouth as well.

I never used to finish my own slice of birthday cake when I was a kid. (Except when my dad—who is to this day one of the best bakers I have ever known—made the cake!) This slice I expeditiously devoured, and was, again for Two Little Red Hens, so good, that I now eagerly look forward to the next food holiday celebrating baked desserts.

Two Little Red Hens Takeout Box

Cherry Cheesecake | Two Little Red Hens

Cherry Cheesecake | Two Little Red Hens

Bun Apple Tea!


Two Little Red Hens | 1652 2nd Avenue (bet. 85th & 86th Sts.) | 212.452.0476 | | | | | Two Little Red Hens on Urbanspoon