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LATELY, I'VE BEEN trying to figure out why, with the predominant number of PHUDE posts being about the Upper East Side, I have yet to write about any of the many eateries east of 3rd Avenue. So while looking on Menupages for a decent sandwich spot in the neighborhood, I found a place called Yura On Madison, on Madison Avenue and 92nd and representing a perfect opportunity to proverbially kill two birds.

The Carnegie Hill section of the Upper East Side is well-moneyed and will-established, housing generations of the city's most affluent and influential families. Families that are far more likely to have personal chefs and caterers or eat many meals at some of New York's top restaurants. Which would explain why I counted only two places that served food on Madison Avenue between 86th and 92nd. One was a diner named 3 Guys and the is the personally nostalgia-inducing Jackson Hole on 90th, where I spent many a late afternoon from 3rd to 8th grade hanging out and sharing burgers and milkshakes with all the pretty girls from nearby Spence, Sacred Heart, and Nightgale-Bamford schools.

The neighborhood is still overrun by "preppettes" and the mothers or nannies than tend to them, and many where on display as I finally reached 92nd Street and the quaint deli/nook.

These were the only photos I was allowed to take inside of Yura before I was curtly asked my a manger to stop doing so. I volunteered to only take photos of my own food, but they still refused, defending that none of the businesses in the area allow photographs. I took that as an almost insult as I believed the manager's intent was to let me know that I wasn't "of the neighborhood", and although I had bought not one but two sandwiches, was asked, in front of every other customer in the place, to leave.

So yes, I was a little miffed, but increasingly more at myself for forgetting that Carnegie Hill is Manhattan's version of a gated community, a neighborhood where one feels almost obligated to wear one's pedigree and academic credentials around their neck. (I last year suffered a similar humiliation at my own alma mater!)

Once I got home, I was not set to enjoy the sandwiches, and hoped that they'd be good enough to at least merit suffering their less-than-diplomatic affectation. And they were. One was a rare roast beef sandwich with mustard mayonaisse and "frizzled" (fried) onions, and the other was a "mini" roast chicken sandwich.

They were both excellent; the roast beef sandwich boasted tender beef, highlighted nicely by the kicky mayo and the crunchy onions. The chicken was moist, thickly sliced, and rich with whatever herbs the whole bird was roasted with and just a little mayo to happily get it down.

The times, they are a-changin', and Carnegie Hill has inched closer to its own stereotype since I used to corral with "besties" over a quarter of a century ago. I don't miss it, but I'd miss the sandwiches sooner than later, so I'll be ordering from Yura On Madison on a regular basis. From now on, however, it will only be delivery.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Yura On Madison | 1292 Madison Ave. (on 92nd St.) | 212.860.1707 | yuraonmadison.com