Si, Si!

Pio Pio | 1746 1st Ave. (bet. 90th & 91st Sts.) | 212.426.5800 |

TODAY WAS A lazy Saturday, and I knew it was going to be the kind of day I would spend catching up on Netflix movies and doing some remedial housecleaning, and when my once-daily hunger struck, I figuratively spun the food roulette and came up with chicken, long overdue in a summer full of pizzas and burgers.

Also overdue was a return to my favorite roast chicken place in the neighborhood, the popular Peruvian joint Pio Pio, so I ordered a quarter of a tasty, juicy, nicely seasoned, and crackly-skinned chicken with a side of aromatic yellow rice and savory red beans. It comes with a bright and kicky herbal sauce, and for 12 bucks, including tip, I got a hot meal—more than I could finish—in quick time.

Soon after, I was sated, grateful for my pajamas' elastic waistband, reading subtitles, and happy. Hear, hear.

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Bun Apple Tea!


Pio Pio | 1746 1st Ave. (bet. 90th & 91st Sts.) | 212.426.5800 |