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MANY OF MY friends ask me if I ever make it back to eat at the places that I like. I do, but often not as much as I would like. That's usually because I'm more prone to want to try out the next new place.

But in the world of food nothing quite compares to satisfying one's hunger at a place that consistently serves great food.

Cascabel Taqueria is such a place, and having only recently started serving brunch, I was happy to finally be able to sate my craving for beautifully tasty Mexican food on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Many if not all of their dinner tacos are available on the menu (by popular demand) as well as their starters. The new brunch items include a sunnyside up egg dish (with fried tortillas, shredded amish chicken, salsa, queso cotija), a scrambled egg dish (with pico de gallo, , salsa verde, and queso fresca), and a dish called Huevos Al Horno Con Chorizo (skilled-baked eggs over plancha-grilled chorizo, fingerling potatoes, and red onions, then topped with queso fresca and served with warm, soft flour tortillas on the side), which I ordered.

Not having to wait long after getting my placeholder (a colorful tarot card that helps the server know who gets what food), my huevos came out nice and hot and looking splendid.

I'm always happy when I can enjoy a brunch that doesn't contain either an omelet or some variation of french toast, and this dish is a class act yet homey iteration pork & eggs, with nicely set eggs with silky warm yolk, tender bites of spicy chorizo, and a nice, stringy, understated cheese that all held up well and together when forkfuls of it our wrapped in a warm tortilla. My only regret is enjoying it so much that I forgot to drizzle it with one of their many mind-blowingly delicious house-made sauces.

It was a dynamite way to snap out of a slight hangover and, more importantly, prepare to enjoy the pleasant spring weather. It was well worth making Cascabel my very first repeat PHUDE-ing.

Bun Apple Tea!


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Cascabel Taqueria | 1542 2nd Ave. (bet. 80th & 81st Sts.) | 212.717.7800 |