A Golden New Year


CHINATOWN, NYC | Last summer I got to finally enjoy my first real dim sum service at the serviceable Grand Harmony. (Not serviceable enough, it would seem, since they are now closed.)

I enjoyed what I had (including an order of chicken feet) and although I've had many of the staple dim sum items—as appetizers from more general Chinese food restaurants—before, I never had them served in a steam bowl from a tableside cart. I had no other dim sum service to compare that experience to.

Until this morning, when I decided to celebrate the new year with a first meal at another highly recommended restaurant, Golden Unicorn.

The food indeed was of better quality, being more flavorful and tasting fresher. Steamed roast pork buns were fluffy and soft without resorting to the more common "gumminess" that other pork buns suffer from. Whole small shrimp were snappy without being to firm, serving and served well both stuffed into squid and cooked inside pork shumai. Minced shrimp still emanated aromatically from from deep-fried, bread balls, wrapped lovingly in bacon. And my second go 'round of chicken feet impressed with slightly more meat, better rendered cartilage, and a richer, more piquant sauce.


Happy to have elevated my dim sum experience from last year to this one, choosing this first meal of 2016 to remember, in general, how I can enjoy the present good things in my life, while allowing for the opportunity for those good things to get even better.


GOLDEN UNICORN | 18 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002 | (212) 941-0911 | goldenunicornrestaurant.com

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